Saturday, July 21, 2007

Setrock Falls

The above picture (taken yesterday) of Setrock Creek Falls outside of Busick, NC does not do it justice. This summer's drought has reduced many of our area's great, roaring waterfalls to slow, pathetic trickles. Click here to see a photo of Setrock during periods of high flow and you will see that this 55 foot, zig-zag waterfall needs to be on your list of places to visit if you're ever in the Mount Mitchell area of North Carolina. Setrock is in close proximity to two other wonderful falls: Roaring Fork Falls and Crabtree Falls.

From the Blue Ridge Parkway...exit the parkway at mile 344.1 (Buck Gap) and head north for 2.2 miles on Route 80, turn left on South Toe River Road. Continue straight toward Black Mountain Campground, the road will eventually turn to gravel. At 2.2 miles, you will reach a fork in the road, bear all the way to the right, and drive an additional 0.7 miles and park at the hiker parking area of the campground. From here, walk across the bridge and turn left at the bathrooms toward "Briar Bottom Creek." You'll soon come to trail to your left marked with a trail sign that says "Briar Bottom Bike" -- take it. After a short ways, you'll cross a long, wooden bridge. On the other side, take the trail marked "Setrock Creek" to your right. You'll cross back over the road and continue straight to the falls. Total distance one way: 0.45 miles.

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  1. Wow. Now that I've seen the picture of it with more water, we definitely need to try again after lots of rain!


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