Unaka Mountain Overlook
I'm often asked, "Where do I go to get great views of the mountains?" This list is by no means exhaustive of all of the terrific overlooks in our area, but it's a start. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know your favorite place to take in wide open views of the mountains or to catch a sunset.

* indicates vantage points that you can access either by driving directly to them or with minimal walking or hiking involved.
# indicates those overlooks which are great places to see a sunset.

View from Round Bald on Roan Mountain
Northeast Tennessee
Wiseman's Overlook

Western North Carolina

Southwest Virginia

Before venturing out, please read my warnings, safety tips and disclaimers.


    1. My area of the country Mark. My father, Isaac Tipton, was born in those mountains. He left as a child when he was ten years old for southeastern Pennsylvania. He met my Mother there and that's where I was born in 1941. This time of my life I go back to the "homeland" every year. I was just there in May (Upper Pigeon Roost, Green Mountain). Plan to go back this fall. Loveliest part of the country. Great website and blog Mark.


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