Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mile High Swinging Bridge

I love Grandfather Mountain. It's unlike any other place around and a favorite place to take visitors to our region. Thank God for Hugh Morton, the visionary and conservationist who protected and promoted this mountain. If you've never heard of him, click here and here to read more about this giant of western North Carolina. The swinging bridge, which is a mile above sea level, is the main attraction on Grandfather Mountain. But there is much more to explore including miles of amazing trails and a nature habitat and museum. It's usually windy and much colder up on Grandfather -- Click here before you go to check the weather on the bridge.

[Click to enlarge photo which was taken from St. Bernadette Catholic Church, Route 105, Linville, NC.]

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  1. Wow. Amazing how much detail you get zoomed in there. Nice post.


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