Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Redneck Friend Jason

That's how I have always introduced Jason, as in, "Hey, I'd like for you to meet my redneck friend Jason." He has many other titles I could insert in that line besides redneck...firefighter, electrician, lumberjack, landscaper, photographer, carpenter, storyteller, philosopher, Appalachian. And even though he's really more country than redneck, somehow that title just seems to fit. (Maybe it's that he can fit four syllables into the word "go"). Jeff Foxworthy would say we all have a little redneck in us (or at least in our extended families). Jason exudes Appalachia. He's proud of this region, its people and heritage -- but he's also able to poke fun of himself and the many characters he's encountered in these hills. He introduced me to Appalachia and taught me to speak (heck, even pronounce) Appalachia (for the record, it's "Apple-at-cha"). The best tour guide to this region that I know, Redneck Jason has often taken me on backwoods adventures, combing the hills for scenic views and barbecue restaurants. I always say to people, everyone needs a friend like Jason. He's got two trucks, every tool you could ever think of borrowing, and a spirit that asks to help even before you knew you needed it. He lives to serve and to help others. But instead of saying everyone needs a friend like Jason, what I really should say is that everyone should be a friend like My Redneck Friend Jason.

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  1. I don't even know Jason, but I already like him. Some of my best moments are redneck. Anyone who will take the time to correct someone in the proper pronunciation of "Appalachia" has my heart, as well as my daddy's tow chain any time he needs it.

    And for the record, I had a battle with an automated voice recording system the other day and lost. After three attempts, I found out that I can't say my three-letter name in one syllable. It would ask me my name (Jan) and after I would say it, it would spell it back to me ("J-A-H-A-N") and ask if that was correct. I was becoming incensed at my own inability to get it to spell my name correctly. It finally gave up on me and asked me to spell it myself. I can do that.


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