Tuesday, December 18, 2007

But I digress...

I thought these presidential candidate quizzes were fun and interesting and worth sharing...
USA Today's Candidate Match Game
Public Radio's Select a Candidate Quiz
Washington Post's Choose Your Candidate
VA Joe's Candidate Calculator
SelectSmart.com's Presidential Candidate Selector

It's funny that each quiz returned a different result for me -- which demonstrates how results can be skewed depending on the way the questions are framed and which issues are posed. Some of the above quizzes only ask about the hot button issues (Iraq, immigration, health care, and same-sex marriage)-- others dig a bit deeper asking about such issues as stem cell research, social security privatization, abortion, death penalty, free trade, school vouchers, Kyoto, etc., etc. Even with these limitations, these are still interesting websites to get us thinking about the candidates and the issues.

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