Thursday, January 31, 2008

Iron Mountain Sunset

This sunset view is from the Appalachian Trail near Iron Mountain Gap on the TN/NC border. The tallest peak in the photo above is known as Pinnacle Mountain (3540 ft.). An effort is currently underway to restore the fire tower which sits atop Pinnacle Mountain. Click here for an interesting article about this effort. Heading north on the AT from Iron Mountain Gap, where TN Route 107 intersects the state border and becomes NC Route 226 (Mitchell County), you are rewarded with impressive views (in Winter) of Roan Mountain to the east (see photo below) and Unaka Mountain to the west.

Update: For a detailed discussion of this section of the AT, click here.

Directions: Take TN Route 107 (Limestone Cove Road) ten miles east from Unicoi, TN, or NC Route 226, four miles from Buladean, NC to the state line, where there is a wide gravel pull off area. After parking, look toward the TN side and across the road and you'll see where the AT heads north toward Hughes Gap. The spot were the above sunset photo was taken is a small grassy area 0.5 miles in. Another, slightly larger and more open grassy area is 0.8 miles from the Gap -- that particular spot offers an impressive view of Unaka Mountain. 1.1 miles from the Gap is an old, abandoned apple orchard -- there's not much left to see there now, as most of the trees have died out, although there is an indication that some new trees have recently been planted.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! As I visited near your area (Asheville, NC), last summer and enjoyed the local trails, I love seeing how the land is progressing in these later autumn and winter seasons. Quite beautiful!



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