Sunday, February 17, 2008

Honoring their Offering

This is a shot taken a few nights ago of the war memorial located at Mountain Home in Johnson City, TN. Once known as the Old Soldiers' Home, most people now simply refer to the area as the "VA Center" (or just "VA") for the large Veteran's Administration Hospital located there. The extensive campus is also home to the ETSU Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy. Click here to read more about the VA. Click here for an interactive map of all the buildings located at the VA.

The inscription at the base of this impressive obelisk reads...
In memory of the men who offered their lives in defense of their country.


  1. WOW, that is a beautiful shot! The several different tones in the sky make the silhouettes just POP!! Lovely :)

  2. The VA has a soft spot in my heart as my father worked there for 35 years until his retirement in the mid-seventies. We always referred to it as Mountain Home,

    Thanks for the beautiful photo.

  3. This is an awesome picture! Just discovered your site and I'll be back.


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