Tuesday, April 8, 2008

fishermen turned philosophers

Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary.
--Patrick F. McManus (b.1933) writer

Another fishing shot (this one is of the low church variety -- see the post two days ago to read why) from South Holston Lake. The two fisherman standing up in that little boat shows the mammoth scale of the water intake tower of South Holston Dam. And it's hard to not notice that even with all of our wonderful spring rains, the lake level is still way down. To be honest, I'm not sure if I like this shot or not -- it's definitely not balanced -- the subject matter is isolated to one corner of the frame with no strong diagonals or sense of drama or movement. I suppose I could say it demonstrates the "rule of thirds" and what advertisers say about the creative use of "white space." But admittedly, it's a pretty boring shot. And maybe that's the point of it. It's a quiet, still scene. I think it captures the misty and cloudy feel of the day last Saturday. I suppose the fishermen-philosophers among us might find more to say about it, but that's all I have tonight!

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  1. I don't find the shot boring at all--it just makes me want to be there with my rod! And I wonder what I am missing that is not in the photo.


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