Saturday, May 10, 2008

College Graduation

Education has for its object the formation of character.
--Herbert Spencer (1820 - 1903)

A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in the students.
--John Ciardi (1916 - 1986)

Congratulations to all those graduating from Milligan College today! What a milestone in your lives, such a great accomplishment for you and your families. We're proud of you!

Lately there's been a trend in higher education for colleges to rename themselves 'universities' -- I guess the thought is that the name change will somehow make the institution seem more significant. I'm proud to say we're still a Christian Liberal Arts College. The greatest part about being a professor at Milligan is that I have the opportunity to know my students and enter into their lives -- the privilege to help shape them not only academically and professionally, but spiritually and personally. I loved my university experience as a student, but I knew very few of my professors -- the educational experience was limited to the classroom. In many classes you not only felt like a number, you were a number! At Milligan, we know our students by name. They often stop by our offices, worship with us, hike with us, eat dinner at our homes and call us at all hours. It's a wonderful learning community -- and I'm reminded today how thankful I am to be a part of it.

Above: Seeger Chapel at Sunrise.

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