Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pal's Sudden Service

Why they don't have Pal's Sudden Service restaurants all over the country, I don't know. Here's yet another reason to love northeast Tennessee. If you've ever visited this area, you've probably seen the distinctive blue-box buildings with huge fiberglass hamburgers and hot dogs on top (click the link above to visit their cool website). There are a total of 21 Pal's in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virgina. Above is a photo of the very first Pal's which opened in 1956 in Kingsport, TN. It's still open today, but unlike their other restaurants which are only drive thrus, the original requires that you go in to get your "Big Pal," "Frenchie Fry" and "Peachie Tea - Light Ice."

About the photo...I took it yesterday, but thought it was a little boring (or maybe I was just bored) so I doctored it up in photoshop to try to make it look more like an old postcard.

Directions: If you want to visit the first Pal's, you'll find it at 327 Revere Street in downtown Kingsport, TN. Click here for a map. While you're downtown, check out the interesting stores and sculptures on Broad Street and the historic Church Circle.

Update...(8/24/08) I've recently discovered the perfect excuse to make a special trip to visit the 'original' Pals in Kingsport -- it's the only Pals location where you can order a peanut butter milkshake, made with loads of real peanut butter while you wait. Mmmmmmm.

Update...(8/15/09) Check out Earl Carter's photo of another Pal's landmark in Kingsport, TN.

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  1. I love what you did with the photo, it does add loads of interest!

    We've seen these places with the bright blue building before, but never thought to stop and have a bite....maybe now, we will :)

  2. now I have a taste for Tastee Freeze hot dogs and ice creams...

  3. one more time, grew up near there. Used to go down and get a free hamburger for the A's on my report card. That was back in the day when it was safe for a kid to walk to school Pals.

  4. I miss the hot summer days of East Tennessee eating a sauce burger with some sweet tea. Bring Pal's to Oregon!

  5. You succeeded in your endeavors.

    I suggest you come over to my blog to hear the song playing...of course I don't know if anyone can truly appreciate it that has not left their TN home.

  6. This "original" Kingsport Pal's location is the ONLY one where you can order a Peanut Butter flavored milkshake! ...complete with a scoop of real PB!!

    ...Now THAT'S good stuff.


    1. That's not exactly correct, the Pal's location on Lynn Garden Drive also has the peanut butter milkshakes.

  7. i love pals. i love there cheddar rounds and peachie mellow yellow. :]

  8. Also the one on Lynn Garden is a walk in as well, no drive thru. My husband loves their chili burgers.


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