Thursday, June 12, 2008

Serene Majesty

Seconds after I took this shot of Rocky Fork's serene and settled woodland, some yahoo on a four-wheeler came screaming around the corner, barely slowing down as he passed by. It was late, around 8:30 p.m. - and I'm sure he wondered what I was doing standing in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere taking pictures -- just as much as I wondered why he was so strangely out of place. I'm not sure why people can't just enjoy the serenity of the woods and leave them unredneckified. The beauty of Rocky Fork is not just in what the eyes can see, it's also experienced in our other senses. But we've really got to get out and walk around -- slow down and take the time to watch the light filter through the trees, hear the creek rush against the rocks, feel and smell the breeze as it gently rustles the rhododendron and the pines. A visit to the woods ought to do something to the soul and elevate our thoughts, and bring us to the doorstep of worship and more purposeful living. If it doesn't do this it simply means we aren't paying close enough attention.

Directions: Take the Flag Pond exit off of I-26 (exit #50), at the stop sign turn left onto Higgins Creek Road. Drive ½ mile, til you reach Rt. 23, turn right and travel 2 ¼ mi. thru Flag Pond, then turn left on Rocky Fork Road. Take your time driving up this road, the creek offers amazing cascades and waterfalls. After ¾ mi. you will see a gravel pull-off to the left. Park here (out of the way of the gate) and follow the gravel lane into Rocky Fork on foot. Click here for a trail map.


  1. Finally, I found someone who thinks like I do. So many people just miss it all. There's a river where I live and most people have never seen more than what they see driving over the bridge. Thanks for your blog, it lets me connect with the mountains I love.

  2. This is a very great place and an ultimate travel destination for all the travel wanderers. This place is enriched with all the wonderful beauty and serenity of nature. This is a great place for general and family travel as well.

  3. You get it. I just wish more East Tennesseans (native and transplants alike) took the time to appreciate the unbelievable natural treasures we have here.


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