Friday, August 1, 2008

An August Welcome

You know it's August when you go for a hike and walk into the web of one of these spiked spiders. They appear each year right around the beginning of August and weave a new web each day across open, shady areas (trails work perfectly), three to seven feet off the ground. I really think they like to aim for the head. It reminds me of a Far Side cartoon that shows two spiders sitting on a web spun across the end of a playground slide with a pudgy kid at the top ready to go down. One spider turns to the other and says, "If we pull this off, we'll eat like kings." Maybe Gary Larson, the creator of Far Side, was thinking of the Spined Micrathena when he drew that cartoon!


  1. SERIOUSLY.....that is one AWESOME shot!!!

    That bokeh is bada**, pardon my french ;)

  2. I walked through so many of those as a teenager hiking through Duke Forest near Hillsborough, NC. Always gave me the willies, but they never seemed to bite.


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