Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boone Lake Fun

Boone Reservoir was created in 1952 with the completion of Boone Dam on the south fork of the Holston River. It offers a very nice public beach -- and lots of picnic tables looking over the lake. It's located just off of Route 75, west of the Tri-Cities Airport, so if you're ever out that way, check it out.

I like this shot of Hannah and her dad, Tim, as they play in the warm light of late afternoon and the cool waters of the Boone Reservoir after a picnic celebrating Tim's 28th birthday.

Yes, I'm having a little too much fun playing around with Lightroom 2 presets. Can you tell? This is one of my favorites, inspired by the bold look of the movie "300". Presets, in case you're wondering, are pre-selected settings (think of them as shortcuts) that make it easy to quickly obtain a specific look. Lightroom is awesome -- if you have it and want to get some free presets, click here. I think this whole preset thing will just be a fad for me -- something I'll eventually get over. But if it's okay with you, I'd like to share some more 'preset' shots with you this week.

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