Saturday, May 23, 2009

High Rock

Today I discovered a wonderful destination in Carter County called High Rock. Now this is not to be confused with High Rocks in Unicoi County. Both are similar hikes (steady inclines) which lead to rock formations offering terrific views. But the view from the one in Unicoi County is obscured by trees during the summer, so it is best visited from late fall to early spring. High Rock (in Carter County) offers year-round panoramic views of nearly all of east Tennessee -- Roan, Unaka, Stone, Buffalo, and Holston Mountains and everywhere in between. The above photo shows both Roan Mountain (left, covered with clouds) and Unaka Mountain (upper right).

Directions: I've had to take down the directions. The rock itself and most of the hike is on public property but to get there you have to cross over private property.


  1. My wife & I did this hike last week and thought it was great. strenuous, but great. The view is so incredible we didn't want to leave!

  2. We did the hike today and it is rough. Not too bad going at first, but when the trail leaves the road it is tough hiking. Only saw two red dots to guide the trail. So,some used orange tape to mark a trail, but it also led off into a laurel thicket. There's are tons of blowdowns that block the trail. Once you make it to the top, it is easy hiking On a wide trail. Also I believe that it is much further than .03 on that last section. Once you get to the top, you also have to leave the trail to get to the rock that offers the overlook. Some trees are starting to grow up and obscure the view. I cut down about 3 small ones to help.


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