Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center

Completed in 2007, the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center is loaded with interactive features to bring the nearly 75 year history of the parkway to life. Step into the 70 seat theater to watch a 24 minute high definition movie which tells the story about the parkway. There is also a 22-foot-long interactive map of the entire 469 mile parkway with shows the sights and sounds parkway visitors can expect to find. The $9.8 million dollar facility itself is noteworthy in that it has a 10,000 square foot 'green roof' comprised of drought resistant plants. The building was constructed utilizing the latest in environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies. Click here and here for more information. Admission is free and it's open year round 9 to 5 (closed only Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day). Call (828) 298-5330 for more information.

The BRP Visitor Center is conveniently located at Mile 384 outside of Asheville, NC -- about a mile south of the US Route 70 entrance to the parkway (click here for map of area). If you're heading out that way, here are some other Parkway attractions in the area to consider (makes for a nice afternoon trip!)...

Mile 384 Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center
Mile 382 Folk Art Center
Miles 364-67 Craggy Gardens
Mile 355 Mount Mitchell

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