Sunday, August 16, 2009

all truth is God's truth

I would suggest that loving God with our minds—thinking Christianly—points us to a unity of knowledge, a seamless whole, because all true knowledge flows from the One Creator to His one creation. Thus specific bodies of knowledge relate to each other not just because scholars work together in community, not just because interdisciplinary work broadens our knowledge, but because all truth is God's truth, composing a single universe of knowledge.
--Dr. David Dockery (b.1952) Union University President

A wide-angle view of Seeger Memorial Chapel on the campus of Milligan College. Matriculation was last night - a time when incoming students sign the register and enter into the Milligan family. When the program ended, just after sunset, the administration, faculty, staff and students were led out of the chapel by a bagpiper, down the sidewalks lined with luminaires to a reception hosted by the parent's council. I wish I could have stepped out of the line and photographed the procession -- it's such an uplifting and unique way to start a new school year and to welcome one of our largest incoming classes to campus.

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