Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rock Creek Swimmin' Hole

Fed by water from nearby Rock Creek, the water in the 'cement pond' at Rock Creek Park outside of Erwin, TN, is pretty chilly. But on hot summer days, it's a very popular place to be. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) first created a day-use area here in the 1930s, which was expanded in the 1960s to include campsites. The CCC employed boys to build bridges, roads, trails, fire towers and many other projects throughout the country. The young men whose work created the recreational area at Rock Creek stayed in military-style barracks outside the town of Unicoi on Highway 107. They would work eight hour days and were required to send $25 of their $30/month back pay home to their parents.

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  1. Thanks for the fascinating bit of history. I continue to be amazed at the legacy of the CCC - work done 80 years ago continues to give back.

    Just an observation - our recent Federal economic stimulus efforts could have funded a CCC-like effort of 3 million workers for a decade. Imagine what that might have accomplished . . .


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