Sunday, October 11, 2009

Area Hiking Clubs (and other organizations)

I occasionally get emails asking if I know of any hiking clubs and other groups in our region -- So I thought I'd post the list I have. Many of the clubs listed below are quite active - with events planned out months in advance. I don't have a complete listing, so perhaps you could help me add to this. I believe there's a horseback riding club as well as a rock climbing group in our area, but I couldn't find them online. Please leave a comment if you know of them or any other groups to add to our list!

Carolina Mountain Club
Chargers and Rechargers
Greeneville (TN) Hiking Club
Johnson City Hiking Club
Mid-Appalachian Highlands Club
Smoky Mountains Hiking Club
Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club
Tennessee Trails Association - East TN Chapter

Mountain Biking/Cycling:
Northeast Tennessee Mountain Bike Association
Tri-Cities Road Club
Virginia Creeper Trail Club


  1. National Sports Organization can be found on They do a variety of outdoor activities including: rapelling, rock climbing, scuba diving, hiking/backpacking trips, caving. Just about anything having to do with the outdoors. They welcome new members all the time so they can share their love of the outdoors.

  2. The Kingsport YMCA has an outdoor adventuring program called Outdoor Pursuits. I lead all of the adventures and have been using this blog for reference for years. I would love if you would put Greater Kingsport Family YMCA on your list of hiking groups! :)
    Thank you for all you do!

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