Wednesday, December 23, 2009


From the website of Tipton-Haynes Historic Site in Johnson City, TN:
"Contained within the large white house is the 25' x 35' log cabin of Col. John Tipton. The Tiptons enlarged the home and built a shed porch across the front of the house and built a separate kitchen. In the 1850s, Haynes changed the front porch to what is seen today and constructed his law office next to the house." More history here. And here is my previous post. The photo to the right is of the small law office.


  1. i absolutely LOVE exploring your site! i feel that our local history is something that we need to work on teaching our children. i used to live in anderson county and i frequently took my daughter to oak ridge to the atomic museum-she love it when i would take her to the various guard huts and around town tovarious sites that she had read about at the museum. i love history, and learning what happened in our immediate vicinity is what makes it come alive! much love, angelia

  2. Thank you, Angelia, I appreciate your encouragement! :)


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