Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"East Meets West"

You're invited!

What: Please join us Friday night for the opening night of East Meets West: The Photography of Mark W. Peacock and Michael H. Kaal. A photography exhibit featuring the natural and scenic beauty of Appalachia and Arizona. Live music provided by Pat Whisnant on violin.

When: This Friday, October 1, from 7-9 p.m. (Exhibit remains up throughout the month of October).

Where: Nelson Fine Art Center, 324 East Main Street, Johnson City, TN (Map here)

I'm excited to have the opportunity to meet and say hello to those who've been following this blog! Hope to see you there!

From the news release...

Born and raised in Morris, Illinois, Mark Peacock moved to the hills of east Tennessee in 1995 to attend Emmanuel School of Religion following lawschool and practicing law at his family's law firm. He was soon hired by Milligan College to teach courses in business, law and ethics. Last year he added digital photography to his list of courses offered. Mark's love for photography was instilled in him by his grandfather, who taught him lighting and composition and that, at its best, photography is storytelling. Most weekends, Mark is out hiking and exploring the area with friends – and sharing his discoveries on his blog, Appalachian Treks. His hope is that those who live in or visit this region will be encouraged by his photography to step out and explore, to look a bit closer, experience the wonders of nature and its Creator, and to then share what they find with others. Please visit his gallery and blog at www.markwpeacock.com for more information.

Michael Kaal was raised in Gilbert, Arizona, but was drawn to the verdant mountains of east Tennessee to pursue a degree in Fine Art Photography at Milligan College. He began photographing landscapes seven years ago seeking to produce high quality images with energy and vibrancy. Through his work, Michael hopes to share his faith in God and to inspire others to pause and reflect and give thanks for all the glories of creation. While he has found plenty of inspiration here in Tennessee, Michael’s first love is in the diverse and vibrant tones of the desert Southwest. In addition to his landscape photography, Michael also is available for portraits and weddings. Please visit www.michaelkaalphotography.com for more information.


  1. While both photographs are lovely, you know my favorite is the blue of the mountains. Perfect.

  2. this should be a very nice event

  3. Both Michael and Mark are 2 of my favorite photographers - immensely talented. This is a phenomenal exhibit.


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