Sunday, November 7, 2010

it's all good

All weather is good weather because it is God's weather.
--Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) Carmelite nun, Doctor of the Church 

The road to Roan Mountain following Saturday's snow.


  1. WOW! Is this pretty normal for this time of yr Mark? I never realized snow fell this early even in this part of the state.

  2. Love it. So pretty.

  3. Wow, the road looks pretty well maintained!! I was thinking I would like to drive up from Charlotte to get some pictures, but I've been wondering about road conditions up there. And this from a girl who grew up in upstate New York and lived in Alaska!! Still...I wonder if there will still be snow this weekend!?!

    Your photography is amazing!

  4. Thanks for the comments! :) It's not uncommon for us to get some snow in the mountains in November. October would be very early, I've seen that happen once. This was really just a light snow, maybe 2-4 inches. The road was just repaved this summer - and they do a pretty good job when it snows up there keeping it plowed -- but it's always an adventure. I wouldn't want to try it after a snow without four wheel drive. It's usually best to wait a day or two after a big snow and then drive up so that they have time to clear the roads.

  5. Hey man, this shot is awesome. Really like the way it looks.

  6. Mark,

    Beautiful photo. Haven't been up to Roan Mountain in a couple of years. Might have to trek up that way before long. Keep posting the great photos and words of inspiration.

    Happy Trails,


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