Sunday, February 12, 2012

Devil's Looking Glass

To err is human, to repent divine, to persist devilish.
--Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) US statesman, author, inventor. 

The Devil's Looking Glass is a rock formation rising hundreds of feet above the Nolichucky River outside of Erwin, TN. This sheer cliff has been the subject of fascination, mystery and dread for centuries. It's said the Yuchi and Cherokee Indians avoided the area out of fear of the image in the rock cliff. Local folklore tells of cries of agony heard coming from the rocks, images of Satan seen on moonlit nights, and tales of a lover who leaped from the top of the cliff upon learning her love had died in battle -- she is said to now haunt this area.  More information on the hauntings associated with this cliff here.


  1. Is the legend true or false about the devil's looking glass

  2. I lived a large part of my life in Unicoi County, TN and I have fished the Nolichucky River more than once. I have even camped at the base of The Devils Looking Glass several time in my child hood. It was eerie and you could hear strange sounds in the night. We never saw and ghosts or spirits though. And Yes! if you look at the rock face you can see a devil very clearly.

  3. No one knows. These tales have been passed down through generations. That's why it's considered a legend. If we knew for sure it would be a fact.


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