Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trail Magic

Trail magic: charity unto others, sometimes anonymous, sometimes not; sometimes given, sometimes just received; transportation or food or drink or first-aid or miscellaneous. Most often found on the Appalachian Trail. Provided for thru-hikers, and yes, other hikers, by others, known as Trail Angels.
--The Appalachian Ridgeback Blog. 

Three jugs of refreshing, crystal clear trail magic placed along the AT by an anonymous Trail Angel (photo taken on 6/30 -- a day when the high temp reached 100 degrees).


  1. Wow ... trail magic indeed!! As hot as it has been, I've been wondering about how the water sources have been faring for those thru hikers!

  2. Must be my upbringing but when I saw 3 milk jugs with clear liquid out in the woods in the mountains, the first thought that came to mind was moonshine.

  3. Nice gesture but I would worry that someone put something in that water. It's a shame we live in culture that causes such suspicion.


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