Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Success is not a doorway, it's a staircase.
--Dottie Walters (1924-2007). 

Stairs on the trail to Crabtree Falls.


  1. Love that trail. Walking the long path with 4the children took hours as they had to explore every inch and get wet in the creek.

  2. Confession time. My wife and I rolled up into Crabtree late one evening and couldn't find a campsite. Not knowing what to do, we hiked down these steps and trail to the falls and camped at the base of the falls, in the dry, of course. It was one of the most relaxing rests we have ever had in the woods. The sound of the falls is an absolute lullaby. We got all packed up before the tourists made it down the next morning leaving not even footprints. Thanks Mark for allowing us a stroll down memory trail.


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