Monday, June 3, 2013

we are the church together

We all know that a church is not a building.
--Robert H. Schuller (b. 1926) American televangelist, pastor, and author.

After hiking out to Little Rock Knob from Hughes Gap, I drove by Cove Creek Presbyterian Church in Roan Mountain, TN.  It was such a beautiful sight with the rhododendron blooming and the hill in the distance, I had to stop and take a picture.  I can't find any information for the church online, so if anyone knows the history (or can share a link) I'd appreciate it. Next to the church is a large rock-adorned building that says "fellowship hall" on the sign out in front. However, above the door, spelled out in smaller rocks, is "Cove Creek School" with a date (can't quite make it out).  See below.  But in the course of my search, I did come across a fantastic Facebook group for Roan Mountain and Carter County History.

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