Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fungus Amungus

Behold the mysterious morel mushroom! People in these parts go wild for these. For many it has become a rite each spring to venture into the woods in search of these edible delectables. Not surprisingly, 'Fan Pages' exist out there, dedicated to this most glorious of shrooms.


  1. Where were you hiking when you stumbled upon this lil guy, Mark? Nice macro.

  2. 11 years later and I remember it’s location... out past the Green Mile in Washington Co.

  3. Thanks! Such a lovely hike, (Green Mile). Nice re-collective memory. I know Morels like dying elm, apple orchards, and ash trees. This spring has been odd so far for mycology/mushroom photography. Also, great job on the new website layout, I have followed you for a while and have found some great places to photograph. Are you still around southwest VA/eastern TN? Kevin Adams along with Gregory plumb have helped with some hikes recently. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I Hope this message finds you doing well. Cheers!


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