Saturday, March 31, 2007

Changing Seasons

It's such a contrast this time of year -- with the fields bright and green with springtime while the mountains are covered with the colors of fall. I've noticed it more this year than ever before -- how the colors on the mountains change as the trees go from having red tips, to yellow sprouts to green leaves.

It was a mild winter. We've had a long string of them. Our last really big snowfall was in January of 1998 and before that the "Superstorm" of March 1993. People around these parts still talk about that late springtime blizzard when nearly two feet fell and put an end to spring. Those who experienced that storm are still hesitant to plant flowers and gardens at this point in the spring. One of my friends says that she won't plant her flowers unless the trees at the top of Buffalo Mountain (pictured above) have leaves on them. :)

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