Thursday, March 8, 2007

ETSU Mini-Dome

Tonight I went to ETSU to take pictures at the NAIA Track and Field National Championship. I left feeling very old and out of shape. Nationals continues for the next two days at ETSU. The Mini-Dome is a versatile and unique venue that brings in hundreds of athletes from all over the country for competitions such as this. This particular event gives the local economy a $3.75 million economic boost.

For the past 30 years, the ETSU Mini-Dome (officially called the Memorial Center) has been one of the most recognizable landmarks of Johnson City. Home of the Buccaneers, ETSU uses the facility for a variety of sporting activities: basketball, track and field, and tennis (to name a few). I'm not sure why they call it "mini" -- this thing is enormous. And that might be part of the problem. For all its versatility, the Dome has plenty of detractors who argue that it is not a fan friendly stadium for any sport. Many believe the unpopular Dome caused the end of the ETSU football program in 2003. While occasionally there is talk of revitalizing football at ETSU, you can be sure that if football ever does return, they won't be playing in the Mini-Dome!

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