Monday, April 9, 2007

Ramsey Creek Falls

UPDATE 5/15: Following the devastating flood that caused a great deal of damage to Buffalo Mountain Methodist Camp, the Holston Conference of the Methodist Church has decided to go in a new direction, buying a parcel of property on Bays Mountain in Kingsport to relocate the camp.  The old camp will be put up for sale. As this waterfall is on private property, it's not open to the public. More flood pics here.

Ramsey Creek Falls (more pics here) is listed as a twenty foot waterfall (right). In fact, there are a series of falls and cascades which seem to go on and on. It's a fun area to explore. Prior to the flood there were two ways to get to the falls, an upper and lower trail, not more than a mile either way. The flood pretty much destroyed the lower trail, and the upper trail is now quite overgrown.

Eventually, you'll come out at the two main falls (left and below). I'm not sure which is considered Ramsey Falls. While the first photo shows a 20 foot waterfall; my guess is that the waterfall below is 30 feet (but it didn't photograph as well). I was obviously out on a sunny day, which is great for hiking, not so great for photographing waterfalls. At any rate, after viewing the upper two falls, we took the upper trail back to the camp. If you set out on a day when time is of the essence, then take the upper trail directly to and from the main waterfall.
Remember... this is private property. Get prior permission from whoever ends up owning the property before entering the land.

Directions: Ramsey Falls is in the same area of Washington County, TN as The Green Mile. From I-26, take the Elizabethton/ University Parkway exit (#24). At the end of the ramp, turn left (west) and drive 0.8 miles toward ETSU. Turn left on Cherokee Road (Route 67) and travel 2.2 miles. Turn left on Lone Oak Road (fyi: at some point Lone Oak becomes Dry Creek Road) and continue 6.1 miles to Methodist Camp Road, turn left. You'll come to an immediate fork, bear left. Continue on through the camp 1/2 mile to a parking area in front of Allison Lodge. Go to the right of Allison Lodge, the path will split with the lower trail to the left and the upper trail to the right (described above).

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