Friday, April 20, 2007

Rock Creek Falls

Yet another favorite. You'll have to bear with me -- I've got lots of them. Rock Creek Park, outside of Erwin, TN, is a great place to go to camp, to hike or to just have a cookout. Most of the trails are easy -- however, the trail to the waterfalls can be fairly difficult. It really depends on the time of year and how high the creek is. Yesterday the creek was up, which made the four creek crossings kinda tricky (there are no bridges on the trail to the falls). I think I'd have more confidence in hopping across if I didn't have images of me fishing my camera and lenses out of Rock Creek. The trail itself is well-marked and well-traveled. Its steady climb necessitates a breather now and then. Those who are in good shape and who hop right across each crossing can expect the trip to take an hour (one way). Otherwise, I'd expect the hike to take an hour and a half. It's not the easiest of hikes, but well worth it (especially when the creek is up). (see photos here). There are three main waterfalls. The two-tiered, 50 foot upper falls is the main attraction (pictured above). The lower waterfall, pictured below, is a 30 foot cascade -- This picture shows the lower falls from the main trail high above. It's probably 1/3 of a mile in between the upper and lower falls. The 15 foot middle falls can also be seen from the trail from above.

Directions: See my original Rock Creek Park post. The signs and information boards within the park contain maps that will help point the way.


  1. No pics of the middle falls ?

  2. Thanks for the note. I've never climbed down to the middle falls - and can't find any photos of it taken from above that I've kept. If you have one you'd like to share, send it in and I'll post it!

  3. My girlfriend and i just hiked there the other day, but just below the lower falls we walked the creek instead of the path, there is some amazing scenery if you dont mind getting wet. well worth it. I will find a way to the middle falls and take some pictures of it.


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