Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mountain Laurel

While it may not be quite as spectacular as the rhododendrons which bloom high atop Roan Mountain each June, the mountain laurel blooming right now on Buffalo Mountain are definitely worth a look. It's not just that there a few bushes here or there blooming -- There are hundreds of bushes blooming everywhere along the trail between Huckleberry Knob and the Cascade on the trail leading to the Tip-Top overlook. I've never seen so many laurel blooming in one place. And they're huge. While their maximum height is listed as 6 feet, these were towering over me.

I chose this picture because it shows these fascinating flowers at each stage of their blooming -- from small star-like bud, to partially-opened flower, to full bloom. It's a short hike (less than 1/2 mile) from the parking area, so check it out if you're in the area! For a detailed Buffalo Mountain trail map, click here. Click here for a road map of the Buffalo Mountain Park area.


  1. Nice shot Mark. Wonder how many Buffalo Mountains there are? There's one in Flody County, Va.... with a big fire tower at the top. It's fantastic there.

  2. Thanks I wondered what those were called. My dad & I went there just yesterday for a hike. It was very beautiful on Buffalo Mountain :)


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