Thursday, June 21, 2007

Butterfly Abstract

I already posted a butterfly picture last Saturday (scroll down or click here), but as my posts this week seem to be taking on a 'photo tips' theme, another butterfly picture came to mind. This photo has been cropped. A lot. That's another benefit of digital - it's so easy to re-frame the photo, long after the butterfly has flown away. In this case, the photo was largely out of focus and was just about deleted. But then I noticed an interesting pattern of tiny flowers ringing the butterfly's colorful wings. I wish I could tell you that I saw this when I was snapping away -- but it was only later, when I had the time to really inspect the scene that this interesting detail revealed itself. So next time you're going through your photos, look twice. It's an opportunity to re-frame the scene, and create an entirely different look.

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