Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Laurel Creek Falls

Not to be confused with Laurel Falls near Hampton, TN -- Laurel Creek Falls is a small waterfall west of Boone, NC. It is known locally as Trash Can Falls. In case you're wondering, no, it's not all junked up. Just the opposite, the setting for this waterfall is quite nice. Huge rock formations surround a cascading stream, forming pools perfect for a summer swim. While it may not be the biggest waterfall around, it gets points for its unique criss-cross affect and for its cool setting. I heard about it by reading the Blue Ridge Blog -- which is a favorite source of information, entertainment and inspiration. Thanks, Marie!

Directions: Located west of Boone off of Route 321, it is 5.4 miles west of the junction of routes 421 and 321. As you head west, look for a pull-off/parking area on your right across from Laurel Creek Road. Park here and then cross Route 321. A 0.15 mile trail leads to the falls pictured above. Another waterfall, Watauga Falls, is located 0.2 miles further west on Route 321 (I haven't visited that one yet).


  1. Nice shot, Mark. For those interested, the waterfall was dubbed Trash Can Falls because there was once a dumpster site nearby which acted as a point of reference as well as a parking spot for the falls.

  2. I thought they used it as a dump site until it had to be cleaned up. In 2003 you could still see a TV wedged into some of the rocks. Only problem I had swimming there were the water snakes sometimes. Non-poisonous, but their little teeth hurt bad if you weren't paying attention.

  3. I was there for school 97-99, it was always clean, very little garbage around. Got it's name as there was a dumpster on the side of the road.

  4. Its known to locals as Laurel Creek Falls. It is know to the ASU student population (And Some young locals) as "Trash Can Falls". The name trash can falls came in the early ninety's about the same time the trash cans were removed. We used to go there in the early eighty's on the most beautiful day's of the year and there would be no-one but us there! Those were the day's!

  5. I think the other falls you're thinking of is nicknamed "Snakepit". It's a difficult climb down but wonderful falls with great swimming.

    1. Could you give the directions as to how to get to Watauga Falls? I am planning a trip to the area in March and that is one I would like to mark off my list. My email is blackstock37@aol.com if you'd rather not give the directions publicly.
      Thank you :-)


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