Monday, July 23, 2007

Along Route 107

I didn't bother planting a single tomato plant this spring. From the looks of things on this farm in Washington County, TN, that's okay. Fields like this are a common sight on Route 107 between Erwin and Greeneville, TN. It's a beautiful drive to take any time of year -- but as an added bonus right now, there are lots of produce stands along the way for us non-gardeners.

Directions: Take I-26 to the Erwin/Jonesborough exit #37. At the end of the ramp, turn west (away from Erwin) and take State Route 81/107 west for 6.5 miles, then turn left to stay on Rt. 107, to see some beautiful countryside, and to reach some produce stands. While you're out that way, consider visiting Sill Branch Falls, Pine Ridge Falls, or the Horse Creek Recreation Area.

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