Thursday, August 16, 2007

The A-Team of Tree Service

Yesterday morning Sam Lett (above) and his partner Rich Thomas came over to take down two huge trees in the woods in my back yard. One tree was completely dead - an enormous yellow pine killed by the beetles that have wrecked havoc on so many of the trees in this area. The other was a red oak that loomed over my neighbor's property and which had a base eaten up by black ants. Sam is a character. I didn't ask his age, but he did tell me he's been at this for twenty five years. Watch the video below of Sam holding onto the swaying oak after he topped it. He then shuts off his chainsaw and says, "Man, I love it when a plan comes together." After I showed him the video he said with a laugh, "I can't let my wife see that." I really appreciated that Sam and Rich went to great efforts to protect the smaller trees in my woods from damage as they brought these two down. Completely fearless, professional and funny. Thanks, Sam and Rich, for your humor and your help.

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