Friday, October 26, 2007

Remembering Carol Prenzler

In our family photo album, one of the first photographs of me shows me in the arms of Carol Prenzler after my parents brought me home from the hospital. By that time, Carol had already been dubbed "The No-No Lady" by my rambunctious oldest brother because she'd always say to him, "No-no, John. No-no." But in truth, she was all "yes" for us -- always a great friend and neighbor, she was like family. As a high school art teacher for 26 years, Carol took to encouraging my drawing when I was very young, telling my parents that I was going to be the artist in the family. I'm thankful I was able to visit with her this past summer and watch as she slowly studied each photograph in my portfolio -- her gracious compliments and Ooo's and Ahh's were reminiscent of her compliments all those years earlier of my creative efforts done in crayola.

She loved golf and painting - and so it's no surprise that quite a few of her paintings grace the walls of the Morris Country Club. But she also painted a variety of subjects: urban street scenes, woodland paths, paintings of homes, flowers and still-lifes. In her later years she painted huge watercolors of flowers, reminiscent of Georgia O'Keeffe.

After Dad's stroke and his lengthy illness, Carol visited him often. She was always so much fun -- where Carol was, laughter was near. She would always brighten his day with a joke or a story. She was a special friend to my parents and after Dad died, I can remember telling her thanks for being such a good friend to them and how much my Dad thought of her and how he would want to tell her "thank you." And now that she's passed, what we'd really want to say is, Carol, thank you - for your love and encouragement, and for sharing your time, your talents, your laughs, and your life with us. We love you.

[Click here to read her obituary.]


  1. I am sorry for your loss. Carol must have touched the lives of many, and your artistic photography, shared with the world via the internet, is a fitting tribute to her memory. I enjoy my daily visit here. Thank you.

  2. Carol Prenzler was my godmother; she and my parents were very close preceding her divorce from an old friend of my dad's, Dr. Lyle Prenzler. I liked her very much..I remember her telling me that my mother was such a southern lady that when she and my dad wanted to share a new off-color joke, they had to go to another room. I called her "Aunt Carol." Bruce Sylvester


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