Monday, October 15, 2007

Ok, I have to confess...

I've had friends ask, "How do you go out and take the pictures you post every day?" I wish I was able to get out every day - but I'm lucky if I go a couple times a week -- when I do, I try my best to stop at a few places and take lots of different kinds of shots so that I have something new to share each day throughout the week. But with the colors changing each day, I feel the need to post all my pictures at once this week! So here are some of my favorite shots from the Grandfather Mountain area of North Carolina taken Sunday. Get out and explore the Blue Ridge Mountains this week if you can. Going on a weekday would be the best time to go. If you go this weekend (which I'm thinking will be the peak weekend for color in and around Grandfather Mountain) be sure to leave bright and early to get a jump on the crowds. I also have to confess that I just bought a season pass to Grandfather, and I look forward to using it a lot in the coming year! I hope you won't get tired of seeing pictures from there!This is a popular shot to get from MacRae Meadows -- each year this maple tree turns bright yellow and beautifully frames Grandfather Mountain. See the gorgeous shots taken by the late-and-great Hugh Morton and the very-much-alive-and-wonderfully talented-Marie Freeman (of Blue Ridge Blog fame) here and here. Every time I pass by I have to peek in to see how far along The Tree is. This time through I noticed a fern growing at its base which was nicely lit by the morning sun. This is a view from Grandfather Mountain of MacRae Meadows below. If you look closely, you can see The Tree in the distance!
One of many sweeping 'S' curves winding its way up mile-high Grandfather Mountain.
Back down on the Parkway... this is similar to yesterday's shot taken from the top of Beacon Heights Overlook. The shot above of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Grandfather Mountain was taken from the Beacon Heights parking area (Mile 305).


  1. Great shots! It looks like quite a few folks are enjoying Grandfather Mountain. These nearby photo ops would be detrimental to my work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Blam! Those are kapow! Great work Mark!

  3. Nice photos Mark, makes me want to go. NOW!


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