Friday, November 9, 2007

ETSU Sherrod Library

Above is a photo of the soaring entrance to the ETSU library. The building, completed nine years ago, is absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. Besides the obvious contents, the building also contains a replica of longtime east Tennessee Congressman Jimmy Quillen's Washington D.C. office as well as the 'Archives of Appalachia.' Both are located on the fourth floor. Click here to learn more about the building. For a map to the library, click here.


  1. thanks for helping me to remember how beautiful TN is. You taught me Business Law about 8 years ago. I think it was your first year at Milligan. Our class was in the science building. (i don't know why I remember that) I went on to George Washington after graduation and became a graphic artist, but I married an attorney. I am sure your lectures helped me to carry on intelligent first date conversations. ha ha Anyway, it was great to see your portfolio of the Milligan area. i don't think I took advantage of it when I was attending Milligan.

    You are very talented. I had no idea you were a photographer.

  2. i work at ETSU and walk past this building every day...I know a little about photography too....this is an exceptional perspective on this already beautiful building. Kudos to you on making see something in this structure that I've never seen before.


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