Wednesday, January 16, 2008

finding beauty in unexpected places

As one grows older one should grow more expert
at finding beauty in unexpected places,
in deserts and even in towns,
in ordinary human faces
and among wild weeds.


It's hard to find color in the winter. So for this shot, I cheated -- but just a little. I didn't use Photoshop to add the color later and I didn't pick the flower and shoot it at home -- instead, I found it while hiking, and shot it there in the field with a yellow folder blurred in the background. Besides sharpening, all I did in Photoshop was to add some slight vignetting to darken the corners to draw the eye in. I don't know the name of this dried winter wildflower, maybe someone can help us with the identification. :)


  1. Good, Mark. It's nice to see someone still thinks in the field...old school. Sorry I can't name it for you.

  2. Nice one Mark! Woot! Happy New Year.

  3. Most likely an aster? Beautiful image. Thanks!


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