Sunday, August 3, 2008

Big Creek Falls

This 18-foot-tall waterfall is found next to the road on Route 19W near Spivey Gap in Yancey County, NC. It's a popular summer swimming hole, with a large, but shallow wading pool at its base. You can see in the photo above that even with our recent rains the water level is way down.

Here is a summary of things to see and do in the Spivey Mountain area of Unicoi County, TN and Yancey County, NC. To get there from I-26: take the Temple Hill exit (#43) south of Erwin. At the main road, turn right onto 19/23. Go 1.1 mile until the road forks. Turn to the left, this is 19W - and reset your odometer! The following destinations are found along Route 19W (Spivey Mountain Road) and listed in terms of their mileage from Route 19/23 in Unicoi County...

3.3 miles - Chandler Cove Road. Turn right here and drive a short distance to see Lower Spivey Falls. This is private property, so you can only view it from the road. (Photo Right)

4.0 miles - Spivey Falls Cabin - gated and private. Cabin overlooks the main Spivey Falls.

7.5 miles - Spivey Gap Picnic Area

7.8 miles - Access to the Appalachian Trail (see yesterday's 'High Rocks' post)

10.7 miles - Big Creek Falls. Watch for a wide concrete bridge on your right leading to a forest service road. You can park here and then walk along the road a short distance east along the highway to the falls. The waterfall is unmarked and in the summer is completely obscured by vegetation. You'll find it by listening!

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  1. Hi!

    I love the Big Falls. As a child my dad Breece Higgins would take me and my brother swimming there many times. We would jump off the rock , landing in the cold but yet inviting water below. Since leaving Green Mnt., I have went back to visit one of my favorite child hood places several times. My dad and brother have since past away and are buried in Hughs Cemetary not far from this beautiful Waterfall. Thank you for this beautiful trip down memory lane~!

    Sina ( Higgins ) McNally


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