Friday, August 22, 2008

Along the Erwin Linear Trail

Linear paths and trails are popping up all over in this area - seems most every city either has one or is well into the preparation (or debate!) for their own trail system. The Erwin Linear Trail runs for more than three miles along the western edge of the city, passing creeks, ponds and the Nolichucky River. Although not particularly well-marked from the road, hopefully the map below will show that it can be accessed from any of the three Interstate 26 exits in Erwin (click map to enlarge). A few stretches pass through residential and industrial areas, but there many beautiful areas which make this trail perfect for a walk or a bike ride. If you're new to Erwin and their trail, I recommend taking the Erwin/Jonesborough Exit at Mile 37 (Route 81/107) and parking behind McDonald's. To the north of McDonald's a short walk on the trail will take you past two beautiful ponds. The area south of McDonald's also becomes very nice once you head into the woods and along the creek - this section of the path is well lit at night, while the newer section (north of McDonald's to Fishery Park, is not).

Top photo: The glowing light of late afternoon was great for capturing these ducks swimming across this Erwin Linear Trail pond.

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