Wednesday, August 13, 2008

St. John's Church

This photo is of the beautiful Saint John's Church (dedicated in 1862) in Valle Crucis, NC. Today, the church has services every Sunday during the summer months (May through September) and is also used for special services. I haven't been inside, but still I'd recommend a visit to see its classic architecture and country setting. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm experimenting with various Lightroom 'pre-sets' this week -- this one is called "Surreal Edgy Effect" - it's not one that works for very many shots, but for whatever reason, I liked what it did to this shot I took last winter. Click here to see a previous post and black and white photo of this historic church.

Directions. St. John's is located in Valle Crucis just off of Mast Gap Road. If coming from Boone or Linville, take Highway 105 to its intersection with Broadstone Road, turn west to head to Valle Crucis. In approximately four miles you will pass the Mast Store Annex and shortly after the original Mast Store (both are on your right). Continue straight on Broadstone (now Highway 194) for approximately one more mile and then turn left on Mast Gap Road. You'll quickly come to Still House Hollow, turn left (A sign will point the way to St. John's). It's a short distance from here to the church (which will be on your right).


  1. Actually St. John's has a full time Vicar and is open for Sunday services from May through the end of September.

    Very nice photo.

    Peace Tom Eshelman
    Executive Director Valle Crucis Conference Center

  2. Thanks, Tom, for the info! I'm glad to know the church is still regularly used!

  3. For somewhat similar effects, you might be interested in the Melancholytron plugin from FlamingPear. It can be fun to play with.

    I enjoy your photography. Many years ago, in my childhood, my family made a number of trips to the Smokey Mtns., leaving me with largely positive memories.

  4. So very beautiful...I feel the need for a nice long day trip sometime soon. :)


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