Sunday, November 2, 2008

Buffalo Mountain Fire Revisited

This was my first visit to Buffalo Mountain since the devastating fire last April. The park was closed for a while after the fire in order to clear the trails. From the photo above you can see that Huckleberry Knob is looking pretty bare -- but here we are just five months after the fire and you can see the resilience of the plant life -- ferns, mountain laurel, sassafras and pine trees are springing up through the ashes. In fact, there's actually quite a bit of color to be found there this fall. Click here for trail maps and more information about Buffalo Mountain. Huckleberry Knob is a short walk from the main trail head and offers great views of Johnson City, TN.


  1. A beautiful photo! It reminds me of a couple of facts about the forest I learned as a new forester many years ago. Forests are born of disturbance and they are dynamic. Your photo depicts both.

  2. nice path...

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