Friday, September 25, 2009

enjoy where you are

We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are.
–Bill Watterson (b.1958) American cartoonist, creator of Calvin & Hobbes

Can you tell I've been busy lately? Sorry I haven't posted quite as frequently -- and that my trips seems to be fewer and closer to home. School is in full swing for me right now. I'm teaching a new course in Digital Photography at Milligan College which is demanding a lot of my time -- but I'm absolutely loving it. My students have a very broad range of experience: Some are new to photography this semester, Others are senior photography majors. One of the things I'm having them do is post three photos each week (except for test weeks) on our course blog according an the assigned theme. This week the theme is "movement." Next week they have their first test, but then the following week their theme is "blue." Using a class blog has been a fun way for them to share the images they create. So check it out and please feel free to leave an encouraging comment or two! I think they're producing some very creative and interesting work that you'll enjoy.

Above is a small waterfall located above the main Red Fork Falls that I posted on Tuesday.

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  1. Mark .. I really enjoyed looking through your students' blog ... really some creative stuff there!! I particularly like Addison's first photo of the dancer with the "ghost" image.

    I was amazed that one class would have such a wide range of photography experience in it, from beginners to seniors majoring in photography .. must make it very challenging for you!! You could add me in on the ultra novice beginners end!!!


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