Friday, December 18, 2009

Toms Spring Falls

This Transylvania County waterfall is widely known as Daniel Ridge Falls (and occasionally referred to as Jackson Falls), but from what I've read in Kevin Adam's book North Carolina Waterfalls (and from Internet sources), that name is incorrect. Daniel Ridge is located well to the northwest of this waterfall - and this waterfall is not located on Daniel Ridge Creek. The correct name is Toms Spring Falls. But regardless of its name, everyone can agree that this is an awesome waterfall. It might not necessarily show in my photos, but at 100 feet tall this is a 'wow' waterfall. And it's another one in the Brevard, NC area that is easy to get to. Secluded in the woods, it's difficult to photograph, but well worth the effort to see in person.

If you're looking extend your hike, you can take the "moderately difficult" Daniel Ridge Loop Trail to the upper falls, described here.

Directions: From the intersection of N.C. Route 280 and U.S. Routes 64 and 275 outside of Brevard turn north on Route 276 and drive for 5.2 miles, take a left onto F.R. 475 and drive 3.9 miles to a large parking area on your right, immediate after you cross over the Davidson River. Park here. Once on the trail, you'll immediately cross over an impressive bridge, soon after you'll come to a fork in the road, turn right. The grade of this trail is gentle for a reason - it was once a railroad bed. Continue on this trail for 0.4 miles to the falls, which will be on your left (immediately before you get to the falls, you'll pass by the Daniel Ridge Loop Trail on your left). The best place to 'take it all in' is from the trail, but you can also take a side trail that leads up to the falls. Total distance to the falls: less than 1/2 mile.

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  1. Mark, You got a GREAT shot of this waterfall!! As beautiful as this fall is, I've never been able to get a good shot of it.


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