Monday, January 18, 2010

love is stronger

To live in the hearts we leave
Is not to die.
--Thomas Campbell (1777-1844) Scottish poet

Today I remember and celebrate the life of Steven Hunter -- a Milligan College student who died unexpectedly four years ago today. Steven meant so much to so many of us. I was fortunate to have him in class and serve as his pre-law advisor. I first met him in the spring before he transferred to Milligan for his junior year and we met briefly and talked about law school and his schedule. Months later, when he arrived on campus, I remember passing him on the sidewalk and saying, "Steven, right?"
He smiled and said, "That's amazing."
"That you remembered my name."
Well, there was something unforgettable about Steven. He stood out and made an impression. Moving here from Ohio, Steven fell in love with Appalachia. He just couldn't get enough fly fishing and hiking. He was gracious -- quick with a 'thank you' and a kind, encouraging word. He loved to laugh and goof around. But if you got him talking about his family and his faith, you'd quickly realize that he was a serious young man with deep convictions. He had a beautiful heart. I'm very thankful to have known him -- and my thoughts and prayers are with his wonderful parents today. I'll end this with Steven's own words. On his Facebook page, he described himself this way:
I am a lover of simple things; my banjo, rocking chairs, and mountains to name a few. I am doing my best to live a life that pleases the Lord, trying not to stumble too much. I do my best to live by my motto: "No worries." Why waste time? It's all in the Lord's hands.
To see my previous posts about Steven, click here, here and here. Below is a video tribute I put together.

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  1. Goose used to talk of Steven all the time. I wish I had had the opportunity to fish and develop of friendship with him myself. Through yours and Goose's remembrance of Steven, I feel like I missed out on a great friend without ever even have meeting him.Thanks for the post.



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