Monday, December 13, 2010

a time for home

Winter is the time for comfort - it is the time for home.
--Edith Sitwell (1887-1964) British poet

Snowed in today -- I didn't even try to venture out. The puppy was bouncing off the walls, but I was pretty content to stay in and finish grading my final exams. I guess all told we got about 6" or so here in Unicoi, TN (it's still coming down!). Haven't heard any reports yet from Roan Mountain -- but they were predicting some pretty heavy snow for the higher elevations.

The shot above of the Veteran's Memorial (erected 1912) in Elizabethton, TN was taken last year. I tried (unsuccessfully) to locate information online about the pink building on the left. It's adjacent to the Carter County Courthouse (just out of view to the left), and I assume it's the old jail. Does anyone know the history of this building?

Some miscellaneous good news from the Johnson City Press...

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  1. WOW this makes me home sick for the Mountains. Nice Photo Mark. Kay Broeder


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