Sunday, March 20, 2011

faith affirmed

Our faith is affirmed, once again, by springtime's first early blooms.
--Kathy Davis, artist and designer 

Found some early blooms out at Lower Higgins Creek today in Unicoi County - so far just bloodroot (above) and spring beauties -- but lots more around the corner! These flowers are called bloodroot after the orange-red sap contained in its roots which Native Americans used as body paint and as a fabric dye.


  1. What a fantastic shot!! The flower just pops. Great work as usual! :)

  2. Nice shot of the Blootroom. Today is the First Day of Spring and the wildflowers are blooming! What great news. The Bloodroot are beautiful flowers but don't last long enough.

  3. Love those wild blooming plants that were & can be used.


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