Saturday, February 18, 2012

Watauga Point Trail

Nature is God's greatest evangelist.
--Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) American minister. 

Even though the picnic area at Watauga Point is closed for the winter, there's a little known trail that gives visitors beautiful views of the lake. This short (only 0.4 mi long), easy, looped trail begins at the overflow parking lot at Watauga Point and is accessible year round. Half-way through the hike, there's an open, beach-like area -- the perfect place to take the dog for a swim.

Another nearby trail to consider is the Carden's Bluff Trail.

Directions: Take 19E to Hampton, TN, turn east on Highway 321/67 going toward Mountain City.  Travel approximately 6 miles, turn left into Watauga Point Recreation Area, park in the overflow lot to your right, trailhead is clearly marked.

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  1. They should allow a group to manage a MTB trail network at Watauga Lake for bikers and hikers.


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