Friday, April 11, 2014

Logger Falls

This is Logger Falls in Hawkins County, a seldom visited, but interesting waterfall in fairly close proximity to Laurel Run Falls. Like nearby Kiner Falls, it can be a bit of a challenge to reach this one.  The trail is not well established, or marked - but you follow the creek the entire way, so you really can't get lost.  As you see from the photo above, the waterfall is impressive (at least I think so!), although there are a lot of downed trees, limbs, branches and trash around it.  It could use a good spring cleaning. Here's a link to the only information I've found on the web about this waterfall.

I've updated the description in my Laurel Run Park post to include detailed directions to all three waterfalls found in this area of Laurel Run Park.

This weekend would be a great time to visit Laurel Run Park, lots of spring wildflowers to see!

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